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Victoria ROBERTS 

April 2010: Recently hatched chicks have messy bottoms, Avian tuberculosis, Will Pekin Bantam go broody?, Vets Forum guide to toxins and poisons harmful to poultry

March 2010: A rabbit loo: what to do?, Helping sheep and pigs in freezing weather, Separation anxiety in dogs, danger of lilies to cats

February 2010: Hatching heartache, Hen has head tilt, A gosling "goes under", scales or "dandruff"in droppings, Reducing the cost of antibiotics, Freshening up the run, Vaccinating rare breeds, Explaining head movement

Christmas 2009: Avian leucosis - is culling my flock necessary? Control of other tumours in chickens, Poorly birds have me at my wits end, My bird is making strange croaking sound, Hen losing feathers "like dandruff", Birds have started snicking, A chick can't straighten its leg 

March 2009: How to deal with worms, Feeding kitchen scraps, Hen's face swollen, Ear infections in flock, Mystery of ailing hens, Problems with wood chips

Dec 2008: Balanced diet for hens, has Duramitex been banned?, conundrum over chick crumbs, inbreeding problems?, causes of winter moult, IB and deformed eggs

Nov 2008:  Mystery disease, Two for one,  Poisonous plants, Shredded bark

Oct 2008: What are the pips?, Unhatched eggs, Caponise a cockerel, Ex-battery chickens, incubator problems

July 2008: Rubber-like shells, Soft and hard feather, Turkeys and chickens together?, Girls or boys?, Good biosecurity very important, Yellow paling

May 2008: On the ground, Fertility, Right rations, Pale Earlobes, Faulty eggs

April 2008: Cheap but cheerful, Mycoplasma in poultry, cannibal turkeys, garden bulbs

March 2008: Feeding rice, OK to compost, Swollen face, Which birds?, Mouth problem, Mites

Feb 2008: Poulty permit, poultry and pigs, No eggs, Fewer eggs, Pecking, Buying and Selling stock

Jan 2008: Resilient red mite, Worms, Deformed beak, Losing feathers, Fleas and other parasites, sex reversal in avian species.

Nov 2007: Quality stock, Paralysed hen, Chicken from afar, Brown eggs and Dispatching Poultry, Egg problems.

May 2007: Eggs, Bald Patch, Loose droppings. The way to fine food at home.

April 2007:
Carrying Disease?, Mice and poison, A question of broodiness, Eye problem, The colour of eggs.

Feb 2007: Feeding of animal by-products, infection from wild birds, what is poultry?, Erysipelas, Salmonella in geese, vermin, animals protected by law

Jan 2006: Bald backs, Avian flu and small flocks, Dosage, No eggs, Duck with prolapse, Strange egg.

Feb 2006: Wormers, Ivermectin, Fainting and blindness, Feather loss and laying, Poultry combs, Rabbits, Poultry shows.

March 2006: Bark chippings, Losing feathers, Cider vinegar. Avian flu, shows and sales - licence conditions

April 2006: Egyptian geese, Avian leukemia, Hen cyst, Sick sheep, Avoiding sour ground, Chickens' predators, Dirty bottomed Maran, Poultry tumours.

May 2006: Three yolks, Chicken colds, Immature eggs, Using the right drug, Disinfectant, Avian flu and rare breeds, Moult, Avian flu update.

June 2006: More triple yolkers, Mismatched ducks, Cornish calcified seaweed, Losing feathers, Worms, AI transmission, Permanent identification of poultry.

July 2006: Contaminated water, Rotten egg, Triple yolks, Aspergillus fungus, Access to antibiotics, Defra advice following Scottish outbreak of avian influenza.

Aug 2006: Bad leg, Scouring, Flubenvet, Portble poultry, Unsuccessful hatching

Sept 2006: Broody, or what? Safe effs? Feather plucking; Dorkings; Bald patches; Crows; AsthmaCleaning product, Heat stroke? Rescue hen, Flubenvet, Weak legs, Mites?

Oct 2006: Egg turning, cleaning incubators, Heat Stroke?, Rescue hen, Weak legs, Mites, Performing a post mortem of poultry.

Jan 2005: Green manure, white scour, sewage discharge affecting eggs, bumble foot, watery eyes, Panacur drug, Mycoplasma. Plus readers comments re red mite products

Feb 2005: Scaly leg, egg fertility, Marek’s, grass for hens, excessive bleeding, worming, crowing cockerels, swollen abdomen

Mar 2005: Louse powder, egg scales, incubation, how to carry chickens, red mite products. Plus PCGB guidelines for keeping of cockerels.

Apr 2005: Arthritis, Scots Dumpy, spaying a dog, sick cockerel, sneezing flock, weak legs, sore patches, incubator fluff, ill RIR, scaly leg, Tiamutin soluable

May 2005: Vaccinations, goat crusty nose, Northern mite, stopped laying, cleaning duck eggs, strange egg, meat spots. Plus diagram of an egg.

Jun 2005: Poorly hen, purple comb, duck egg rules, mishapen shells. Plus control of coccidosis.

Jul 2005: Lice, mystery lump, sharp spurs, feather loss, small pupil, old or sick, ticks on dogs

Aug 2005: Old goats’ milk, unsteady Silkie, deformed palate, mystery worm, mystery lump continued, depluming mite, enlarged pouch, poor circulation. Plus control of Marek’s disease.

Sep 2005: Too broody, lame hen, mysterious death, open eggs at shows, nests and nestboxes. Plus control of tumours.

Oct 2005: Different RIR, campylobacter, swelling, hen pecking, meaty lumps continued, anaemia, unsteady goslings, fertility problems, choking sounds, pale cream yolk.

Nov 2005: Fertility, pecking and mixing, laying cycles, infection, cider vinegar, boosting feather growth, sneezing. Plus PCGB guidelines on Avian influenza.

Dec 2005: Mycoplasma, strange droppings, health and safety, Northern fowl mite, short sighted pigs, prolapse in duck, deformed feet, shed ammonia.

Jan 2004: Infectious bronchitis, small eggs, deformed hen leg, wheezing cockerel, egg shells, corkscrew pullet neck, different breeds living together, lame chicks

Feb 2004: Excess calcium, twisted chick leg, Black Wyandotte loss of colour, selling eggs, injecting birds, gut blockage, Mycoplasma, diagram of cross section of a hen

Mar 2004: Winter laying, pure breeding, cockerel neck problem, F10 disinfectant, bent legs, moulting, how to find which hen is laying which egg

Apr 2004: Transporting poultry, feather loss, pecking at tail feathers, aggressive cockerel, correct hen diet, poultry parasites + pic, swelling in the mouth, poultry friendly plants

May 2004: Messy rear ends, midges, limping bantam, blind cockerel, losing feathers, bored hens, hen age

June 2004: Duck age, spotty shells, Mareks, effect of frost on eggs. Also, report on Avian influenza and Newcastle disease

July 2004: Poultry longevity, gangrenous dermatitis, harassing drake, what age to put chicks out, pendulous crop. Plus, new information on ELISA test, Virkon and F10

Aug 2004: Mareks, listless Black Rock, hen blocked nose, female birds turning into males, mites & lice, loss of feathers, hatching prblems, longevity of waterfowl, sunlight affecting colour of eggs, ducklings and water

Sep 2004: Virkon, harmful berries, lengthy moult, fowl pox, wormers, lost rear toe, goat ligament problems, severe infestation

Oct 2004: Pecking order, Mycoplasma, dying in the shell, louse egg lump, selling rules and regs, laying in the same nest

Nov 2004: Guinea fowl, coughs and sneezes, mites, Flubenvet, pecking ducks, chalazae, pale yolks, harmful weeds, broodiness, hen pecking

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