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Create a cabin building

Innovation in food preparation areas

Anglo-French company makes it simpler and cheaper for UK farmers to shift to making and selling their own produce

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The Castlemilk Moorit - saved from extinction

Castlemilk Moorits: a real success story

A breed that combines all the best characteristics of its Hebridean ancestors

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Wessex Lowlines in the field

Lowdown on the Lowlines

Nick Weber of Wessex Lowlines explains the reasons for the success of these well-proportioned beef cattle that are well suited to smallholdings

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Dog and pig

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Charles with salads

Salads for winter

Charles shows you how to grow salads undercover for harvests throughout winter and until early May

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Chicks undera hen still need access to grass

A guide to rearing

Don’t fall at the last hurdle. Here’s some guidance on rearing chicks

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Sam Holloway

On a (sausage) roll!

Business is booming for one young pig farmer, as Liz Shankland discovers in this month’s Pig People

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A family affair

‘Townies’ transformed

Veronica and Jules Hartley started their smallholding adventure three years ago – and have come on in leaps and bounds. They talked to John Wright

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Chris Stewart

Rock star smallholder

Chris Stewart found fame as drummer with superband Genesis. Now he lives quietly on a smallholding in Spain, and wrote about his experiences in the celebrated book Driving Over Lemons. Chris, who has a new book out, talked to Liz Shankland

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A first farrowing

Magical moments as Mfy finally gives birth reports Dawne Daly

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Mini Swiss Chalet

WIN this Mini Swiss Chalet

Don’t miss the chance to win a £300 chicken house in our September issue, on sale next week. Order at’

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