Getting Started

Kate and Myfanwy

A new arrival

Kate strikes a deal, and a Berkshire sow arrives at the farm

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Adam with Highland cattle at his Cotswold Farm Park

Choosing the right livestock

Advice for smallholders, from Adam Henson

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Your smallholding questions answered

Oct 17, 2012: Every month a team of smallholding experts answer questions in Country Smallholding. Many are on livestock, as this one on keeping goats:

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Do your homework carefully before getting livestock

Keeping livestock: an introduction

Guidance from Robert Jeffery of NewLandOwner, who specialise in helping smallholders get started

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Jerry and Dineke Spackman

Smallholding: starting out

Jerry Spackman describes how he and his wife Dineke set up their smallholding in Saffron Walden,Essex

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Choosing livestock

What livestock should you choose  for your  smallholding?  Alan Beat has many years experience with animals. Here is his advice

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Alistair, Gabi and Annabelle Lockwood

A low cost smallholding

Alistair and Gabi Lockwood have created a smallholding on rented land in Hampshire with minimal investment. They describes their experience.

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Starting smallholding: a quick class

A smallholder needs to know a tremendous amount of stuff. 

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The Good Life - Tools and Equipment

Smallholders know you can get a huge amount done with some fairly basic equipment. Your trusty set of garden tools and your wheelbarrow will, of course, come in for some heavy use as you dig over those beds and get planting.

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The Good Life - Keeping Animals

Most smallholders move on to keeping some larger livestock. Pedigree breeds? Cross breeds? The choice is yours.

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