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Andrew Rock with Jack

Extracting a boar’s tusk

Extracting a boar’s tusk with a hacksaw? Are you serious? Yes, says smallholder Andrew Rock...

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Exmoor Horn sheep in winter / Photo:

Which sheep? A breed ideal for the moor

Which breed is ideal for the moor? Which won’t cause damage to trees? Tim Tyne looks at various scenarios and recommends breeds to suit

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Refuge in the barn

Winter housing for your cattle

In the third part of our series on cattle, Debbie Kingsley looks at overwintering your cows and housing requirements

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Do cows need to be fed with more than just grass?

Feeding cattle: Do they need more than grass?

In the second of a series of articles on cattle, Debbie Kingsley looks at feeding cows year round – and whether they need more than grass

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Marking cattle made easy

Tim’s Tips: Marking cattle made easy - plus more expert advice

Career smallholder Tim Tyne offers expert advice on marking cattle, registering for VAT, cleaning automatic drinkers and the benefits of utilising roof racks.

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The Orchard model

inFocus: Quality hen houses

Cherry Acres and the Clever Coop Company describe the hen housing services they offer

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Birds on woodchip - it helps keep the run dry

inFocus: A helping hand for hens during the winter

James Bezant, from Flyte so Fancy, gives some tips on keeping your birds happy during the cold winter months

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Ducks feeding from the hand

inFocus: Hen houses, poultry & feeds

Smallholder Range advise on keeping waterfowl, whilst Cyril Bason expound upon the wide range of poultry they supply customers

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Which breed of sheep for our hotel?

Tim Tyne suggests what breed of sheep would be best to grace the entrance of a couple’s hotel... and maybe the menu! Tim also advises a teenager on the perfect breed for a nature reserve.

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Ensure your animals are well cared for in winter

Taking stock: Reflecting on smallholding plans for the year ahead

Promotional feature: Things such as the weather, harvest and suchlike can change very quickly though, so careful planning is always advisable. Read on for some helpful advice from experts at Farmgate.

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