Livestock Care and Advice

A cuddle with the newest Breed Champion - Becky and Ivybeck Celandine, a British Guernsey milker

A goat guru

Becky Torrance manages to keep dairy goats, and breeds them to a high standard, without extensive grazing. She talked to Anke Sieker about this, and about her little smallholding in Northumberland

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Brecon Buff geese

Slaughter: Humane dispatch

Chris Ashton takes a look at the latest slaughter regulations and associated welfare issues

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A shedding ewe with triplets

Our ideal sheep

What is the ideal sheep for the smallholder? Sally Morgan, who keeps sheep at her farm in Somerset, offers a suggestion

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Ben, Mandy and Nerissa with their pigs

Pigs: Our black beauties

When you work full time, running a smallholding means having a team of people you can rely on, as Liz Shankland explains

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David and Jack monitor their livestock's health very carefully

Just one acre: does it work?

Can you be self-sufficient on just one acre? No, but you can have a jolly good try. This is the verdict of Jack Smellie and David Chidgey, who have an acre in Cornwall

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Sam Holloway

On a (sausage) roll!

Business is booming for one young pig farmer, as Liz Shankland discovers in this month’s Pig People

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A family affair

‘Townies’ transformed

Veronica and Jules Hartley started their smallholding adventure three years ago – and have come on in leaps and bounds. They talked to John Wright

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Chris Stewart

Rock star smallholder

Chris Stewart found fame as drummer with superband Genesis. Now he lives quietly on a smallholding in Spain, and wrote about his experiences in the celebrated book Driving Over Lemons. Chris, who has a new book out, talked to Liz Shankland

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A first farrowing

Magical moments as Mfy finally gives birth reports Dawne Daly

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Going to the rescue

Many smallholders give a home to rescue animals. Simon Dawson is one of them, and here he debunks some myths, looks at the practical, financial and emotional implications and poses the question: What’s in it for me?

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