Allandale Poultry

Golden Hamburgs, Silver spangled Hamburgs, Silkies, Buff Orpingtons, Cream Legbars, Welsummers and Runner Ducks D/O to POL. Prize winning stock.
REGION: SCOTLAND, Allandale Cottage, Loch 18, Castlecary

Tel: 07802591860

Brookside Family Farm

Suppliers of point of lay hybrid & thoroughbred pullets, quail & hatching eggs. See website.
Little Witley, Worcestershire

Tel: 07912 271547

Catrin's Garden Poultry

Eggs to adult, rare and traditional chickens/bantams, ducks and geese sometimes available. Collection only.
REGION: SOUTH EAST, Buckinghamshire

Tel: 07890403675
Email: clacy@gotadsi.co.uk

Charlotte's Chickens

Up to 10 different types of POL hybrid hens all vaccinated, accessories, feed & coops. Defra registered.
REGION: SOUTH EAST, Middlesex, Surrey

Mobile: 07747166408
Web: https://charlotteschickens.co.uk/

Chicks, Chucks and Mucky Ducks

Supplier and breeder of good quality chickens and ducks. Female chicks, ducklings to POL inc Marans, Light Sussex, Aylesbury, Khaki, Runners & Calls. All stock guaranteed. Onsite shop selling feed & accessories, holiday boarding available.

Mobile: 07833647140

Cilnant Farm Poultry - Arthur and Jeni Griffin

Anconas, Buff Sussex, Cream Legbars, Friesian Fowl, Lavender Araucanas, Rhode Island Reds, Welsummers, Gold Dutch Bantams, Guinea Fowl & Bronze Turkeys. Brown Hybrid Hens available.
REGION: WALES, Llangollen, North Wales

Tel: 01691 718261
Email: jeni@chickenandegg.net

Crossroads Poultry

Barnevelders, Australorps, large breed and bantams. Barnevelders copper laced. Hatching eggs when available.

Tel: 01938 570194

David Francis

Specialist breeder of true to type cream Legbars, also utility brown Leghorns & show quality Welsummers.

Tel: 01437 751243

Domestic Fowl Trust

The Domestic Fowl Trust at Bell Brook Farm
Bell Brook Farm, Pigeon Green, Snitterfield, Warwickshire
CV37 0LP

Tel: 07866493321
Email: dft@domesticfowltrust.co.uk
Web: https://www.domesticfowltrust.co.uk/

Fosters Poultry

Hybrids. Large Fowl, Bantams, Ducks, Geese, Quail, Turkeys, Guinea Fowl and table birds. Eggs to Point of Lay, delivery arranged, eggs posted.

Tel: 01452 721118
Mobile: 07709933064
Web: http://www.fosterpoultry.co.uk

Ham Street Hens

Large Hybrids including Black Rocks, Barred Rocks, Bluebells, Light Sussex, Warrens...
REGION: SOUTH WEST, Mendip, Somerset

Tel: 01458 850388
Web: https://hamstreethens.com/

Hen House Poultry

Quality Point of Lay Chickens - ten different types, fully vaccinated. Also Chicks, Growers & Bantams. Eglu's stocked.
REGION: SOUTH EAST, Maidstone, Kent

Tel: 01622 843649
Web: https://www.henhousepoultry.co.uk/

Hens for Pets

Hybrids POL; range of colours, Bantams and Ducks. Hatching eggs. Feeds including Garvo, Marriages and Organic. All you need for setting up including Free Chicken Keeping Courses. Hen Boarding
REGION: EAST MIDLANDS, Ravenshead Plant Centre, Nottinghamshire

Tel: 01623 793841
Mobile: 07860436586

Ivy's Hens and Hatchery

Breeders of Rhode Island White, Rhode Island Red, Black Silkie (LF), Cuckoo Marans, French Marans, Ko Shamo, Hybrids and Welsummers. Find us on Facebook.
REGION: NORTH WEST, Preston, Lancashire

Tel: 07765240805

Legbars of Broadway

Burford Browns (Dark brown eggs) & Cotswold Legbars (Blue eggs). Buy direct from the founder breeder. Delivery to most areas.

Mobile: 07831849036
Email: philip@lee-woolf.co.uk
Web: https://www.legbarsofbroadway.co.uk/

Linda Fiddler

Large: Buff & Black Orpingtons, Silver Grey Dorkings, Silver Laced Wyandotte, Copper Black Marans, Embden Gees, Abacot Ranger Ducks.
REGION: NORTH WEST, Freckleton, Preson, Lancashire

Tel: 01772 634889
Mobile: 07957 220206

Moonridge Farm

CHICKENS POL. Blue , Cou Cou and Splash Marans, Columbian Blacktail, Lohman Brown, Bovans Nera, Light Sussex , Sussex Rock , Amber Link. Brown Leghorn , Speckled Gold , White Leghorn. All vaccinated with a two week guarantee. Large and small orders. Visit

Tel: 01392 851190
Web: https://moonridgefarm.co.uk/

Newland Poultry

10 Varieties of POL hybrids plus many pure breeds. Garvo feed and Hen 'Boarding' service
REGION: MIDLANDS, Malvern, Worcestershire

Tel: 07830 176254
Email: mail@newlandgrange.com
Web: https://www.newlandpoultry.com/

Pear Tree Poultry

11 types of hybrid hens, 60+ different pure breed hens, ducks, pheasants, turkeys, geese, quail . Large shop, boarding service, courses, hatching eggs. Open 7 days a week. Visitors welcome, ample parking, based at Barton Grange Garden Centre.
REGION: NORTH WEST, Preston, Lancashire

Mobile: 07808661873
Web: http://www.peartreepoultry.co.uk

Pedran Poultry

Orpington, Brahma, Jersey Giant, Exchequer Leghorn, Cream Legbar, Light Sussex, RIR, Bantams - Old English and Malay. No hybrids. Welsh handmade housing also available.
REGION: WALES, Carmarthen

Email: pedranpoultry@aol.co.uk

Sunnyside Poultry

hybrid pullets POL, vaccinated and reared to freedom food standards. Bantams, Purebred Poultry, Ducks, Feed, Equip, Poultry Housing.
REGION: MIDLANDS, Burton on Trent

Tel: 07973 655963
Web: http://www.sunnysidepoultry.co.uk

The Old Gardens Animal Rescue Centre

Rare breed poultry. Geese, ducks, turkeys, bantams, doves. Also rescued battery hens £7.50 each. Fresh free range eggs for sale. Open every day (except Tuesdays) 9am-4pm. Tel: Irene
REGION: SOUTHEAST, The Old Gardens Animal Rescue Centre, Highleigh Road, Sidlesham
PO20 7NN

Mobile: 07775670819

Turkey Breeds

SMALL TRADITIONAL FARM TURKEY POULTS and growers. Small white, Norfolk black and many others.

Tel: 01829733778
Mobile: 07710063654
Email: james@turkeybreeds.co.uk
Web: http://www.turkeybreeds.co.uk

Vorwerk Chickens

A rare breed with beautiful buff and black colourings excellent egg layer. Alert, active and very adaptable. Nationwide delivery

Tel: 01566 783 232
Mobile: 07747392803
Email: kim@kbrook.co.uk
Web: http://www.vorwerkchickens.co.uk