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The Good Life - starting a smallholding

PUBLISHED: 08:11 28 March 2014 | UPDATED: 14:09 12 May 2014

Smallholders are a varied bunch - some have lived in the country all their lives, others leave behind totally different jobs to take up some kind of smallholding enterprise and lead a completely new way of life. You might be thinking of joining their ranks...

Starting on your first smallholding can be daunting – the lengthy, and often expensive, search for the right property or the right piece of land, perhaps moving to a new area or making career or lifestyle changes are steps towards your smallholding, but once you’re ready to make a start and actually get some animals, or start planning activities, what is it that you need to think about first? 

Country Smallholding provides some tips on starting a smallholding:


Smallholding: starting out

The Good Life - starting a smallholding

Starting a smallholding - find the right property

Starting smallholding: a quick class

A low cost smallholding

Smallholding can feed the world

Tips on buying machinery

Planning permission: the basics

Making money from smallholding

Can smallholding feed the world?

The Good Life - The Next Stage

Making money from smallholding

The Good Life - Grow Your Own Vegetables

The Good Life - Tools and Equipment


Keeping livestock: an introduction

Choosing the right livestock

Choosing livestock

The Good Life - Keeping Poultry

The Good Life - Keeping Animals

Keeping your animals dry and mud-free


Interact with other smallholders and post your questions

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