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Livestock Care and Advice

We have teamed up with VetSpec to give five lucky entrants the chance to win a 12kg bag of super-premium dog food worth £55.95

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A scratching pig could be suffering from sarcoptic mange. Vet Liz Bennett explains how to identify it and what treatment will be required

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How to limit flies on your cattle

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Flies are not merely an annoyance to cattle, they can transfer disease. Vet Kaz Strycharczyk explains how to limit their effects, both chemically and by using holistic methods

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An old breed for new times

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If you are planning to show your cattle on the agricultural show circuit, Tom Blunt has plenty of helpful tips

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Our livestock can self-medicate through their grazing practices, but the plant species we provide for them are key

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Diarrhoea, wasting and poor appetite are all signs of coccidiosis in calves, which is straightforward to treat but swift action is needed

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Contagious ovine digital dermatitis is a painful condition that affects sheep's hooves. We outline the symptoms of CODD that you should look out for and how to deal with this nasty infection

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