AHDB’s £3.5m We Eat Balanced consumer campaign has returned, as new research by the organisation shows that farmers are getting better at telling the story about the food they produce.

AHDB has enlisted the help of a network of 100 farmers to help promote and share the We Eat Balanced messaging on social media during the first part of the campaign which runs through autumn and into the New Year. Initially the benefits of beef, pork, lamb and milk will be highlighted, while a new TV advert and supporting social media campaign are scheduled for January.

Staffordshire AHDB dairy farmer Liz Haines is welcoming the return of the campaign which aims to challenge the ‘misinformed messages’ seen in the press and on social media. She said: “Seeing campaigns like We Eat Balanced gives people the reassurance that they can make healthy and sustainable choices when they choose to eat meat and dairy and that is a really important message for the future of British farming.”

An AHDB report has also highlighted the role of red meat and dairy in the health market. Over a quarter of all meals eaten at home in Britain are consumed for health reasons, with the market worth an estimated £26.5bn, growing eight per cent year-on-year.

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