Keeping love alive in the countryside - take the survey!

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How do the pressures of your lifestyle affect your relationships? - Credit: Getty Images

One of the country’s leading family law firms is conducting a survey to find out how farmers keep their relationships alive within their high pressured, hectic lifestyle.

The Family Law Company, who specialise solely in family legal matters are based in the South West and have offices in Cornwall, Devon and Somerset, are encouraging farmers and those involved in the industry to get involved in the survey.

The short online survey aims to understand the current pressures affecting the agricultural industry and the impact, if any, that they have on the relationships of those working within it. They are also keen to learn how farming couples keep their relationships strong and the ways in which they keep romance blossoming.

Fiona Wadey, director at The Family Law Company said: “As family lawyers we often see people during some of the worst times of their lives, but we also get to see plenty of happiness too.

“Couples who learn how to communicate better or recognise the pressures they are facing can rekindle the spark that originally brought them together while others find a new beginning.”

Survey participants can opt-in to a free prize draw to win either a £150 Mole Valley voucher or matching boilers suits of the tractor brand of their choice.

To participate in the survey, visit