WIN an auto opener

The Chickenguard auto closer

The Chickenguard auto closer - Credit: Archant

THREE £115 prizes from Chicken Guard

Your Chickens has teamed up with ChickenGuard to offer three of their fantastic Premium Automatic Chicken Coop Door Openers each worth £115.

ChickenGuard is the world’s most trusted automatic chicken coop door opener with more than 35,000 in use worldwide. It’s a clever little box that simply screws onto the outside of your coop, and helps to keep pesky predators at bay.

ChickenGuard will protect your flock. Sadly, it is quite common, and very distressing, to lose chickens to foxes and other predators (especially at night). You can set the ChickenGuard to shut at the time you want. Then, because it is automatic, you don’t have to worry about getting up at the crack of dawn, rushing back from the office, or burdening friends and relatives while you are away from home.

The ChickenGuard:

*Automatically opens your coop door in the morning and closes it at night;

*Protects your girls from foxes and other predators;

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*Has both a timer and a light sensor; just choose which combination suits you best;

*Runs on 4 x AA batteries;

*Is lovingly created in Britain

TO ENTER: See page 16 in our June issue, on sale May 10.